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Treatment Techniques

Integrative Manual Therapy Approaches


Myofascial Release: this technique follows, and gently releases, the strain patterns in the connective tissues of the body.


Strain- Counterstrain: developed by Lawrence Jones, DO, this technique reduces muscle spasm and/or normalizes muscle tone, improving function      and strength.


Advanced Strain- Counterstrain: developed by Sharon Giammatteo, PhD, to reduce strain originating from dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system.


Neural Tissue Tension: techniques to reduce scarring and adhesions of the peripheral nerves, thereby improving nerve function.


Muscle Energy Technique: a classic series of techniques for balancing the biomechanics of the pelvis, sacrum and spine.


Visceral Fascial Release: techniques to reduce strain both in and around visceral tissue, oftentimes reducing strain on the spine and bony framework of the body.


Cranial Therapy: an extremely gentle, non-invasive access to healing strain and dysfunction in the central nervous system.


Lymphatic Positional Release: techniques to improve lymph drainage and circulation, directly improving immune system function.


Body Centered Emotional Release: techniques to correct persistent strain patterns related to emotional stress.


Process Acupressure: a gentle, effective form of physical and energetic integration to help the body accept new functional patterns.



Mindfulness Based Functional Training


Mindfulness Meditation: training in skills to improve attention, focus, body awareness, emotional regulation, and more.


Neuro- Developmental Skills training: motor learning techniques to restore normal tone and movement patterns, resulting in improved posture and coordination.


Sensory Processing Skills training: techniques to improve how sensory information is taken in and integrated, not just the senses of sight, touch and sound, but movement and body awareness skills as well.


Functional Exercise Programs:  including core strengthening for balance and stability.


Breathwork and Relaxation Skills: Easy to learn but profoundly effective techniques to improve overall well-being, body awareness and emotional regulation.


Therapeutic Yoga: individualized practice skills for children and adults to achieve functional goals with strength, flexibility, balance and stability.